Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to ship my order?
A: If we have your ordered product in inventory we will get it shipped out to you within 24 hours and shipped to your address in two to three days by USPS. If we have to order your product it will take 5 business days for your product to be shipped to our stores if it is in our vendors’ inventory and another two to three business days to ship to your address.

Q: I am looking for a promotion that I recently used, but can’t find it?
A: Our promotions change from time to time and some of them are time limited. Our typical promotional rotation is about every 3 months so check back regularly for updated promotions.

Q: Do you carry other products that are not listed on your site?
A: We do carry items that are not yet listed on the website. If you know of one but don’t see it listed, please email us or contact stores, we will let you know the status.

Q: I want to purchase, but I am concerned about your site security?
A: We understand that safety and security are top concerns for all online shoppers. Although our current online shop site has been built for years, we constantly update the server security and protect every piece of information that comes from our customers. Also, we don’t use third party payment processing.  With these being said, we have your security as a top priority.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all types of credit cards. Unfortunately, due to the current payment processing system we do not accept condom sense gift card payments online.

Q: How are taxes calculated?
A: We charge Texas state taxes for all items orders.

Q: How can I tell the status of my order?
A: Please log in the shop website and check your order status online where we make sure to update its status from ordered to shipped to processed to shipped out.

Q: Can I change or cancel an order?
A: Yes you may, as long as it is before the order is processed and shipped. If you want to cancel or change the order, please email us

Q: How can I see what I ordered in the past?
A: Please log in the shop website with your username and password, you will be able to see your order history or supply us with your order number from the past and we will be able to look at the order for you.

If your question is not above, please email us for more information.